Measurement / Ölçüm / اؤلچۆم

Images / Görüntülər /گؤرۆنتۆلر

Containers and Packaging

Bottles jars cans cartons containers boxes bags packages

Six-packs loaves rolls tubes Bar Basket Bowl Bunch Carton

Cup Dozen Glass Jug Kilo Liter Loaf Mug Pack Packet Piece

Slice Tray Tub Tube

Liquid Measures

1 fl.oz. a fluid ounce of water

1c. a cup of oil a pint of milk

1 qt. a quart of water a gallon of milk

Dry Measures

1.tsp a teaspoon of salt

1.TBS. a tablespoon of sugar

¼ c. a quarter cup of coco powder

½ c. a half cup of nut

1c. a cup of flour


An ounce of cheese

A pound of beef